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Aerospace Automotive Trucks New racing motorcycles
Ohmura Seisakushofs technologies, in which we take pride, have been developed by our employees, gmachine geeks,h who love machines and even employ skills such as metal processing in their hobbies. Put simply, becoming an excellent manufacturer depends on how much we can develop our geekiness.

The No. 1 Production Department focuses on customized, non-mass production items. It has a high level of technology and is one of the focal points of parts manufacturing at Ohmura Seisakusho. The Nos. 2 and 3 Production Departments, as well as the Matsuyama Plant are engaged in mass production. Using equipment built by Ohmura Seisakusho itself, these plants hum to a steady rhythm of production.

Ohmura engineers, who have improved their skills on site, are making the fullest use of their impressive capabilities. Because we have the environment where the engineers can apply skills and talents at all times, high-quality production activities are ongoing at Ohmura. Ohmurafs products are not simple things that can be made anywhere: We take great pride in being a world-class manufacturer capable of
producing parts to the most exacting specifications and precision, and in being able to do this in production runs of hundreds of thousands of units per month.
No. 1 Karako Plant. Vertical lathe Custom-manufactured parts
No. 1 Karako Plant. Vertical lathe
@Chuck diameter: 1200mm (made by O-M Ltd.)
Custom-manufactured parts
Aerospace Automotive Trucks New racing motorcycles
No. 2 Karako Plant Mass-produced parts
No. 2 Karako Plant
@Line combining an Ohmura-built transfer machine and NC lathe
Mass-produced parts
Aerospace Automotive Trucks New racing motorcycles
@At Ohmura, we hate the words gonly.h There are a lot of factories where they say gonly stainless steelh or gonly aluminum,h but at Ohmura we have the ability to make things the way you want them, and in your material of choice.

@With Ohmurafs ability to fabricate technically demanding parts for aircraft and space rockets, as well as automobile engine parts, diesel engine fuel injector pump parts and the like, rest assured that we can provide you with the widest range technological expertise when it comes to the parts you need.
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