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Company Overview
The Power of Ohmura Technology
Company Overview
■Name Ohmura Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
■Established June 1, 1930
■Capital ¥90,000,000
■Representative Takao Ohmura
■Main Office 1606 Oaza Shimogarako, Higashi Matsuyama, Saitama
    TEL. 0493-23-1288(main)
    FAX. 0493-24-2767
    (Area:14,000m2 Building area:5,340m2)
Karako Plant The Karako Plant is the locus for our technology group, and handles the manufacture of both mass production and non-mass production products.
1606 Oaza Shimogarako, Higashi Matsuyama, Saitama
(Area:14,000m2 Building area:5,340m2)
Acquired ISO9001 certifiction.
Acquired ISO14001 certifiction.
Acquired AS9100 certifiction.
Karako Plant
Matsuyama Plant The Matsuyama Plant specializes in mass production.
1-4-24 Matsuyama-cho, Higashi Matsuyama, Saitama
(Area:2,500m2 Building area:1,400m2)
Acquired ISO9001 certifiction.
Acquired ISO14001 certifiction.
Matsuyama Plant
Muramatsu Plant The Muramatsu Plant is a wholly-owned subsidiary that specializes in mass production.
1-2-20 Muramatsu Industrial Zone, Gosen-shi, Niigata
(Area:15,214m2 Building area:3,171m2)
Acquired ISO9001 certifiction.
Muramatsu Plant
■Employees 160 (140 male, 20 female, as of January 2016)
■Description of Business Fuel injector pump parts for diesel engines,automobile compressor parts,
    engine piston parts,automobile drive train parts,jet engine parts,
    gas turbine parts,prototype parts,gas turbine fuel nozzles
■Main Customers: Bosch Corporation
(In alphabetical order) DENSO Corporetion
    Honda Foundry Co., Ltd.
    Honda R&D Co., Ltd.
    Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
    JAXA National Aerosapace Laboratory of Japan
    Kyosan Denki Co., Ltd.
    Japan Finance Corporation for Small and Medium Enterprise Saitama Branch
    The Hachijuni Bank, Ltd. Kawagoe Branch
    The Musashino Bank, Ltd. Higashi Matsuyama Branch
    The Saitamaken Shinkin Bank Higashi Matsuyama Branch
■Officers: Takao Ohmura, President and Representative Director
    Hisatoshi Ohmura, Director
    Hiroomi Nagata, Director
    Hisaji Miyata, Director
    Akira Ishii, Director
    June 1930: Ohmura Seisakusho established as an unlimited partner-ship in Shimura Shimizu-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo.
    April 1935: Plant designated by the Monopoly Bureau of the Ministry of Finance.
    December 1943: Plant relocated to Higashi Matsuyama, Saitama for purposes of wartime evacuation.
    April 1947: Reopened in Higashi Matsuyama.
    April 1955: Plant relocated to Matsuyama-cho, Higashi Matsuyama.(The present Matsuyama Plant)
    September 1956: Name changed to Ohmura Seisakusho, Ltd. Capital increased.
    February 1968: Approved as an aircraft engine parts manufacturer by the Defense Agency.
    August 1969: Karako No.1 Plant completed as Shimogarako, Higashi Matsuyama.
    April 1973: Karako No.2 Plant completed as Shimogarako, Higashi Matsuyama.
    June 1975: Approved as a jet engine parts manufacturer by the British Civic Aviation Authority.
    July 1976: Completed automated irrigation device "Niji"("Rainbow").
    April 1979: Expanded the Karako No.2 at Shimogarako, Higashi Matsuyama.
    May 1984: Reorganized as Ohmura Seisakusyo Co., Ltd.
    December 1990: Our affiliated company, Ohmura, established in Muramatsu-cho, Nakakanbara-gun,Niigata.(The present Niigata Plant)
    October 1993: Received award for excellence from the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance.
    October 1995: Received "Sainokuni Management Innovation Model Company" designation by the Saitama Prefectural government.
    April 1999: Acquired ISO9002 certification.
    December 1999: Received approval by the Saitama Prefectural government as Management Innovation Model Company.
    November 2000: Advisor Yasota Ishihara received the Yellow Ribbon Medal for Outstanding Service.
    July 2003: Acquired ISO9001:2000 certification.
    August 2004: Acquired ISO14001:1996 certification.
    September 2005: Acquired ISO14001:2004 certification.
    May 2006: Received Management Innovation Evaluation again.
    November 2008: Received award of governor of Saitama prefecture for skills promotion-related excellent business establishment.
    January 2010: The sterilization machine for hands "Shu-Clean", which has a air atomizing nozzles made by our company's technologies, was completed.
    November 2010: Received award of Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare for skills promotion-related excellent business establishment.
    April 2013: Patent of disinfectant injection equipment used in seed potato automatic planting machine.
    November 2013: Acquired JIS Q 9100 certification.

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