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Basic Policy Based on Ohmura's company philosophy, we will increase our customers' confidence in us and satisfaction with our products through the building andimplementation of quality management systems, as well as ongoing program ofcontinuous improvement in the manufacture and sale of precision machined parts.
Quality Policy 1. Importance of legal, planning items, and customer requirements
    (1) We will observe the requirements of all laws and regulations, as well as international standards (ISO9001).
    (2) We will observe all product and customer requirements, and strive to increase satisfaction.
2. Reduction of defects and further increases in quality
    (1) We will promote technological progress and strive to prevent quality defects.
    (2) In order to reduce defects, we will strive to provide excellent products and services.
3. Continuous improvement of the quality management system
    (1) Annual goals will be set in order to achieve the goals of the quality policy, and all department and sections will participate in kaizen improvement activities for all Ohmura products. The effectiveness of this process will be continuously improved by periodically monitoring and assessing these improvement quality activities.
    (2) All employees will be made aware of this quality policy, will understand it, and will thoroughly implement it.
September 1, 2004
Ohmura Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
Takao Ohmura, President and Representative Director
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