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OHMURA SEISAKUSHO CO., LTD. Throughout its more than 70-year history, Ohmura has consistently endeavored to create unique products and high-quality human resources. We will be unflagging in our efforts to become an ideal company that can respond to the ever-more stringent requirements of our customers. Have a Future
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  • Complete Work on Difficult-To-Cut Materials Using Lathes and Milling Machines. / We support orders from small precision equipment right through to large machinery.
  • Custom-Made Parts

Our accumulated machining techniques enable Ohmura Seisakusho (Ohmura factory) to fulfill orders for the manufacture of custom-made products.
"We support designs, prototype manufacture,and difficult-to-cut materials."
Our specialized precision work machines enable us to meet the most demanding customer requirements.

Twin-fluid atomizing nozzle
10μm/Atomizing angle110°
Capable of robust thermal design.
Joint development with JAXA
>>Twin-fluid atomizing nozzle
High precision Piston
Processing machines developed in-house
Expert technology
Machining of difficult-to-cut materials
>>High-precision piston
Large-size Machinery Parts
Processing up to 1200mm
Constant-temperature room for high-precision processing
Track record of supplying aeronautical parts
>>Large-size Machinery Parts
November 2013 / Acquired JIS Q 9100 certification.
April 2013 / Patent of disinfectant injection equipment used in seed potato automatic planting machine.
November 2010 / Received award of Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare for skills promotion-related excellent business establishment.
February 2010 / Received Management Innovation Evaluation again.
January 2010 / The sterilization machine for hands "Shu-Clean", which has a air atomizing nozzles made by our company's technologies, was completed.
November 2008 / Received award of governor of Saitama prefecture for skills promotion-related excellent business establishment.
June 2006 / Simultaneous implementation of maintenance examinations for ISO9001 and 14001
May 2006 / Management Reform Plan re-approved by the Saitama Prefectural government
April 2006 / 5th Quality Control Circle presentation held. No. 3 Production’s “MC Circle” is the winner
January 2006 / Ohmura Inc. ISO9001 kickoff for the Matsumura Plant
The Power of Ohmura Technology
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Sainokuni Management Innovation Model Company Sainokuni Manufacturing Plant
Sainokuni Management Innovation Model Company
Sainokuni Manufacturing Plant
Ohmura Seisakusho Co., Ltd. is an “ISO9001 quality management system” and “ISO14001 environmental management system” company. As a company, we seek to satisfy our customers as we pursue our mission of being a Sainokuni Management Innovation Model Company and a Sainokuni Manufacturing Plant in Saitama Prefecture.
ISO14001 approval number: 1545172   ISO9001approval number: 2319774
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